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To View a Comprehensive List of our Demands Please Click Here

We make up a collective of over 100 Facebook pages

Featuring the work of more than 175 content creators

That all want to know…


What’s the deal Mark?

Not Cool Putin
Not Cool Saddam

Our Claim is This


Facebook’s “community standards” are enforced with a random & automated process

Content that “violates community standards” according to Facebook, often has nothing to do with the written standards

Content that DOES violate the written standards often slips through the cracks


This is an Issue that Effects ALL Users


For content creators it means their livelihoods are subject to the whim of a randomly punitive process

For many of these creators maintaining a presence on Facebook means the difference between having an income or not

For more casual users it means their chosen sources of information/entertainment can one day, without warning be silenced

This issue is particularly urgent because we are dealing with the worlds largest global communications platform

And currently Facebook’s stance on censorship remains relatively unchecked


We are Here to Check it


Meme Alliance has attracted international media attention thanks to the sweet, silky righteousness of our savoury cause.
The following are a list of links to a variety of news articles published about us from a variety of news outlets (mostly Daily Dot).
For the die-hards there’s even exclusive interviews with some of Facebook’s meme page admin elites from the likes of

Girly Bullshit
I play KORN to my DMT plants, smoke blunts all day & do sex stuff
The Content Zone
Lettuce Dog
Stale memes for normie has-beens
Adult Contemporary Muzak
Namaste at home dad
The Philosopher’s Meme

Our Dead Meme Status Post

Other Barely Relative Interviews from Alliance Page Admins

An in Depth Analysis from The Philosopher’s Meme

(Which is a site we heavily f*** w/the vision of fam)

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