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This Weeks Blackout Action: Z U X I T

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We are an alliance of meme pages organising to protest Facebook’s unfair and unaccountable reporting system. Our hope is to expose and make transparent the reporting and deletion process on the world’s largest social network, and show how it contributes to the censorship methods of the future. Today we are announcing our next action, #Zuxit. After the abrupt deletion of many influential art and comedy pages from Facebook, we are frustrated and taking action. Our numerous meme pages will temporarily unpublish in a coordinated blackout. From

September 28-30, Facebook will be a more boring place. The admins of various pages will be available for interview while their pages are unpublished.

We represent more than 175 content producers and page admins (including some with almost 1,000,000 likes). Taken together, our pages have upwards of 20 million likes/followers. This equals ‘reach’ in the hundred millions, easily over 10% of Facebook’s daily user base. We demand justice for the pages that Facebook has unfairly removed, and an answer for why other, more questionable material, is allowed to remain.
 Facebook claims that its staff reviews content, but our experience suggests that content is often reviewed by an automated process. #Zuxit will raise public awareness of Facebook’s “automated censorship”. This sort of unaccountable, algorithm-based censorship is ineffective and insulting. Ineffective at removing truly objectionable content, and insulting to both content creators and consumers, who have no say in the process. With the current system, it seems any user with a chip on their shoulder can essentially report a page or profile to death by triggering an automatic unpublishing. Social network users are led to believe they can expect the online communities they enjoy to be protected from undue censorship.
 Facebook, devoid of the humour and creativity which has come to define the platform, would clearly be an entirely different animal. Join the #Zuxit, and the efforts to create a less restrictive internet, starting here with the unfair and unaccountable policies of Facebook.
Join on September 28th by unpublishing your page or profile for a 3 day blackout, or support by changing your profile pic, posting memes, satirizing how serious and try-hard we are being, or talking smack about us. 







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