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We the Users of Facebook are protesting Facebook’s unfair treatment of its usership and content creators. All those in support of our cause are invited to share or repost this List of Demands anywhere they see fit. Our demands are simple: Facebook must uphold their promise to its users as outlined in their Facebook Principles document (



1. We Demand: Freedom to Share and Connect Facebook must cease the automated and outsourced censorship of small content creators by their algorithm and overworked moderation staff.
2. We Demand: Ownership and Control of Information Facebook must allow users to remove any of their data without forcing them to delete their accounts to do so.
3. We Demand: Free Flow of Information Facebook must provide its users with the option to customize their feed and turn off the hidden filters which manipulate their experience.
4. We Demand: Fundamental Equality Facebook must stop discriminating against smaller pages, regular users and independent content creators whilst giving celebrities and verified business pages preferential treatment.
5. We Demand: Social Value Facebook must stop forcing users to reveal their offline identities, thereby discriminating against minorities such as Native Americans and transgender people, as well as putting victims of abuse at risk. Facebook must allow its users to use any name they wish to use.
6. We Demand: Open Platforms and Standards Facebook must allow content creators the option to turn off the unreliable automated moderation, which frequently fails to distinguish between terms-violating content and harmless content.
7. We Demand: Fundamental Service Facebook must cease the automated blacklisting and censorship of casual users and smaller content creators.
8. We Demand: Common Welfare Facebook must provide specific citations on what part of its terms of service was violated whenever a user is penalized.
9. We Demand: Transparent Process Facebook must provide a public archive of details, including a list of employees responsible for final decisions, for every case of post deletion, account suspension and other actions issued against its users.
10. We Demand: One World Facebook must cease the political censorship of journalists, pages and the rest of its usership worldwide. 2016, NZ.
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